Monday, November 5, 2012

Follow Your Conscience To The Polls

As you prepare to go to the polls, think about this: A Mitt Romney presidency and a Senate and House in Republican control will doom America to four years of old, white men making the rules. They are hell bent on subjugation of women, minorities, immigrants, and anyone else who believes that government is in existence to serve its citizenry, not itself. For women, a Romney presidency is the beginning of a real life re-creation of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, because their god insists women carry a pregnancy even if it endangers their life and that those who've been brutalized and raped accept a resulting pregnancy as a divine gift.

Their god, again no typo there, has been conjured up as one who champions their views, but the God that most of us believe in would never endorse those in power abandoning the less fortunate or failing to provide for those, both in this country and abroad, who are in need. And turning a blind eye to their poisoning and destruction of the Earth, human rights violations, and mass murder because a country has resources we need. Or relentlessly vowing to bulldoze through whatever little land Native Americans have left and through areas where the residents have emphatically said no to the Keystone Pipeline.

Mitt Romney has pledged to abolish FEMA. Even with the National Guard and Army Corps of Engineers, and federal loan and service programs, many of us in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri state area are stranded and shivering in the cold, wasting time on gas lines instead of getting back to work, school, and our lives. What would Romney do to help stricken areas? When asked, he didn't answer.

Think about that before you vote, because with climate change, another thing the Republican Party refuses to believe is real, the next big one might be headed your way, blowing up nuclear power plants and oil rigs in densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas. Hydro fracturing might pollute your water supply, poisoning you and your family before you realize it. You might find yourself ill, without a job and health insurance and no Medicaid or Medicare—if the Republicans have their way. Then what?

Fact is that George Bush got us into the situation we still haven't gotten out of—including two wars and the investment firm/banking debacle and economic collapse. 9/11/2001 happened on Bush's watch, so let's not let the unfortunate embassy attack on 9/11/2012 distract us from that—and the fact that Bin-Laden was taken down during Obama's. We've come a long way since 9/11, and Romney wants to take us back to the 1950s rather than onward into the 21st century.

We don't need more of those failed policies that serve the rich and debase and disregard the rest of us "freeloaders."  If you think Romney and the Republicans are are going to create jobs, ask next what will the price be, and just what those jobs will be. Will they be enough to pay your bills, including your medical tab, since low paying ones do not include adequate benefits?

Say a prayer to the real God or whomever or whatever you believe in as the guiding truth—then vote your conscience, which might not allow you to walk the plank with the party line. 

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