Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Matter Who Wins, We All Lose

If Martha Coakley loses the Senate race in Massachusetts, health care reform is doomed, right?


Health care reform was doomed when politics and deal making became the goal, rather than health care reform. Why else would House and Senate Democrats "celebrate" the passage of a bill that discriminates against women and tramples their rights? And force people to buy health insurance from the very companies that are ripping us off already? And make deals to allow states to "opt out" when the American people can't. And eliminate the public option? And not address in any meaningful way tort reform and the liability insurance crisis which continues to drive costs higher.

Was I wrong to trust the Democrats and President Obama to do the right thing regarding health care reform? And that they heed the advice of experts from almost every major health care professional organization. Appears so.

Are the Democrats solely to blame? No, the obstructions put up by the Republicans have more to do with discrediting the Democrats in general, and the President in particular than anything else.

Is this politics as usual?

Yes, which is why most Americans are so disgusted with all our elected officials.

I worked very hard with Organizing for America during the initial efforts. Back and forth communication was great, the updates timely, and I felt like I was part of something wonderful. All that changed after the House sneaked through a bill eliminating any possibility of abortion coverage for women. The sight of Nancy Pelosi beaming for the cameras celebrating the deal still sickens me.

Then the communication stopped. No acknowledgement. No explanation, no justification, no strategy. All I get now are requests for money. Senator Gillebrand has never responded to any of my communications. Neither has Congressman Ackerman. Senator Schumer was tripping over himself apologizing, but he still voted for the bill eliminating the public option.

OFA invited me to a strategy session this weekend, but I can't face it. Politics is not my thing. I'm unsubscribing from OFA and am subscribed to Creedo Action, which is much more in line with my political views, and like me, not afraid to open their big mouths and complain.


I hope this bill is defeated because it's bad for women, it's bad for health care in general, and it's bad for cities like New York who have always picked up the slack and offered coverage for those who fall through the cracks. I'm sad, but that's the way it is.

And as for Martha Coakley, the Democrats need to see this as a warning. The American people are fed up with this process.

But no matter who "wins", we all lose.