Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Nonfiction-From the Sweet and Inspirational to the Edgy and Irreverent

Here is the official press release for my latest publications. Publishing Syndicate is planning a book tour for authors featured in the debut book in the Not Your Mother's Book Series.  I don't have details as yet, but will let you know where and when I will be reading and signing.

"A Catholic Schoolgirl's Primer" is an excerpt of my memoir Someday I'm Going to Write a Book: Diary of an Urban Missionary.  It appears in Not Your Mother's Book: On Being a Woman, which was released on October 9 and already has five star reviews on Amazon. Not for the easily offended, this book will make you laugh out loud and is a great gift for like minded girlfriends--and guys who really want to understand the down and dirty details of what being a woman is all about.

For the less intrepid, a tribute to my dear Grandma Clo, who died on November 18, 1999, appears in A Quilt of Holidays, an anthology of sweet, inspirational stories. This one is work and family safe.

The press release also contains links to my new fiction: urban fantasy stories set in the world of my novels, featured in the Ten Tales Series Anthologies edited by Rayne Hall.

I have copies to sign for anyone who'd like them so please email caroleATcaroleannmoletiDOTcom for details.

Carole Ann Moleti is a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her fascination with paranormal and urban fantasy that infuses everything she writes. Her newest fiction is featured in Beltane: Ten Tales of Magic. Excerpts of Carole's memoir, Someday I'm Going to Write a Book: Diary of an Urban Missionary range from the sweet and inspirational in A Quilt of Holidays to the edgy and irreverent in Not Your Mother's Book: On Being a Woman.

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